Defining and Redefining Beauty
The question of beauty has no universal answer. In this project, I juxtaposed natural and man-made beauty to investigate existing societal constructs of beauty and explore my own definitions of the word.

Nature on Wheels

Five Beauties

Confidence is beauty.

Happiness is beauty.

Friendship is beauty.

Passion is beauty.

Nature is beauty.

A Rolling Stone Gathers No Moss

Crystalline Milky Way

Dictionary Beauty

I searched the word “Beauty” in an online dictionary. The left side of the page presented common usages of the word, while the right listed definitions and etymology of the word. This photograph spans both halves of the page. The found poem reads:

And the Beast

Is in the eye of…

Is only skin-deep


As the Beauty

Age gap and

Bristled at

From Beauty

Called Beauty

Beast, who?


Six and a Half Feet

The Question of Beauty

The question mark formed by makeup in this photograph underscores the question.

Perspective 2

The same question mark. A new angle.


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